Black Jeggings or Jeans Plus Leggings are In so Don’t be Caught Without a Pair!

There is a new fad exploding in the fashion arena, they are cleverly called Black Jeggings[easyazon-link asin=”B006W08XDI” locale=”us”]Jeggings[/easyazon-link].To most people this term Jeggings. or more descriptively Black Jeggings may be alien or sound like an 80’s warmup outfit, but it is actually a coined word combing the  words jeans and leggings. The jean-legging hybrid word has even made it onto the waiting list for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary. A lot of women nowadays, including A-List celebrities (Kate Bosworth, Rhianna, Jessica Alba to name a few) are wearing leggings that look like tight denim jeans. [easyazon-link asin=”B0071NVPJY” locale=”us”]Jessica Simpson[/easyazon-link] has even created her own line of jeggings.  (If Celebrity Fashions are your thing, check out to see the hottest trends being worn by top celebs!)

They are as hip as skinny jeans but are more comfortable and very easy to wash. Jeggings come in many different colors but Black Jeggings seem to have emerged as the trend leader.

Black Jeggings for Women

Black Jeggings for women are very popular today because they look really nice and sexy, especially for girls who want to highlight or emphasize the shape of their legs. We’ve all heard how black is slimming. Well guess what, the same applies here to black jeggings. Needless to say, they are a must-have for us girls who want to give their legs a slender tone appearance.

What are jeggings, really? As the fashion industry keeps on innovating in terms of material, basically, jeggings are simply just leggings, but the difference is that the material in which it is made of looks like denim jeans, but different from traditional jeans, jeggings are really very soft and expandable.

There are however, those that are really made of denim material and they are commonly referred to as denim jeggings. These kind of black jeggings feels warmer than the common ones because of its material. Instead of using long johns that look plain, women can now wear leggings that look like jeans for the fashion heck of it. They can be used during the winter season and even during the summer, depending on how thick or how thin the material is.

Some jeggings do not even have zippers. Instead, they have elastic waistbands that can fit tightly on the waist. They also often look like tight leather pants that can go with high heels and boots.  Other jeggings, go perfect with flip flops and a plain T-shirt. The good thing about this kind of pants is that they do not look baggy, they accentuate women’s curves. Due to the popularity of this type of jeans, it was even mentioned on Conan O’Brien’s late show in response to an interview with Project Runway’s Tim Gunn.  Let’s hope the the Conan show doesn’t spark a jeggings for men movement!

The Black Jeggings Trend:

The Jeggings trend began a little over two years ago. Though It took awhile to gain steam, eventually after a number of celebs began strutting their stuff in their tight jean leggings, it became a hit. Even top designer are making their own versions and styles of  Black Jeggings such as Forever21 and DKNY Jeans. Nowadays, a lot of women prefer to wear them over white jeggings since black is often regarded as sexy and as previously mentioned, slimming. With black, stretchy jeggings, it is possible to mix and match them with whatever color you choose to wear on top.

So that’s it, comfortable and sexy all in one. Thank you for creating jeggings, whoever you are!